Epoxy flooring is commonly used for residential garages & commercial and industrial floors.  Epoxy is normally applied over concrete and can last longer than many types of flooring.  Epoxy is chemical, spills, and stain resistant & has a high gloss finish.   You can also add decorative flakes or metallic to your epoxy floors to give it a personal and unique look. 

Metallic Epoxy
Epoxy with white and blue flakes in it


Affordable- Since epoxy floors can be installed directly over concrete, the installation costs are low.

Resistance- Epoxy floors are highly resistant to just about everything-oil, gasoline, bleach, transmission fluid, cleaners and more.  These floors are also heat and water resistant and are easy to sanitize. 

Longevity- Epoxy floors have a longer life span that majority of other floor options.  You definitely get your money worth.

Variety- Epoxy is available in a wide arrange of colors.  It can also be arranged into traditional or personal patterns and designs. 


Slippery- Epoxy can become very slippery when wet.

Application- Installing epoxy floors can be a long process.  It takes several days to dry properly and additional coats can not be applied unless the first coat is 100% dried.

Removal- Once epoxy is applied, changing color or designs can be labor-intensive which increases the costs.



Artcrete is also known as decorative concrete.  The options for artcrete are endless and always end up beautiful no matter what.  Artcrete is perfect for your back patio or walk-ways around your home.  There's unlimited options to where artcrete could be installed at around your home and it is definitely one of our favorites, right behind metallic epoxy.  You can imitate various traditional flooring options such as granite, stone, ceramic, and slate. When its all said and done, you can have a basement, patio, or walkway that looks expensive and luxurious when in all reality you only paid an affordable amount.



Stained concrete is used to enhance surfaces and is effective for revitalizing dull floors.  When using stained concrete, no two concrete floors will look the same so you're always getting a one of a kind look!



Slip resistant decking is PERFECT for your outdoor deck around your pool!  This system is a seamless protective membrane with long-lasting leakage protection.  This system is designed to avoid leaking, cracking, shrinking, and pealing when the temperature changes.  We can put many logos into this system to make it look perfect and show your team spirit including but not limited to, LSU, Alambama, Arkanasas, Saints, Cowboys!




Design flexibility- Tile can be mimicked to look like all different sorts of flooring material

Durability- Hard, dense, and solid tile is resistant to most heavy impact stresses

Resistance to liquids- The density of tile makes it more resistant to liquid

Stain-resistance- Being liquid resistant means tile flooring is naturally stain resistant

Low maintenance- Spills can be spot cleaned with a damp rag and dust/dirt can be swept away with a broom and can easily be disinfected.

Long lifespan- If maintained, tile can last for decades


Grout maintenance- While tile is stain-resistant, the grout in between the tiles is not.  Even when properly cared for, grout can be corrupted causing discolor, mold, and mildew.



Whether you choose hardwood floor or laminate floor, we can do the job for you.  Hardwood floors can be repaired more easily than laminate floor but laminate floor has a hard top layer and usually provides better wear resistance.

Luxury Bedroom with Hardwood Floors


Make your flower bed stand out and look even more perfect with curbing!  Curbing enhances the looks of flower beds and helps keep the soil where it needs to be.  

DSC02002 - Copy.jpg


Stamped concrete is ideal for your outside patio.  There are a wide variety of designs you can have and it always gives your patio a one-of-a-kind, unique look!